How You Can Get in shape. While Drinking Whiskey.(Yes, really.)

What if you could...

Get a flatter stomach...
And more muscle tone..
And round-the-clock energy...

Without giving up your favorite pours and enjoying your diet?

Let me tell you how it’s possible. But first…

Does any of this sound familiar? You…

  • have clothes in your closet that you can’t wear because they feel too tight…

  • think twice about taking your shirt off at the pool…

  • dislike how your gut hangs over your pants…_

And you…

  • hate the fact you get out of breath while climbing stairs...

  • wish that your blood work would start improving…

  • know that your partner loves you, but you wonder if they still find you attractive… …

It’s enough to make you want to get the weight off ASAP!You could always do the latest “no fun” diet to drop the weight...Something like Keto / Paleo / Intermittent Fasting / Optavia / [INSERT DIET HERE].And after a few weeks on the no fun diet, you've lost a few pounds.But the diet gets old…You're watching everyone else drink whiskey and eat cheeseburgers...And now the weight isn't coming off like it used to...So some of the “good stuff” sneaks back in.After all, what's the point of dieting if you don't lose weight?

Sound familiar…

Everyone who loses weight and re-gains it experiences the same thing.
They change their lifestyle to fit a diet and give up the things they enjoy to make the weight loss go faster.

But all it does is make the process more miserable

(By the way, did you know that a scientific study found that 90% of people who lose weight regain it all within 12 months?!)

But it doesn’t have to be that way…
Instead of changing your lifestyle to fit a "no fun" diet (that isn't sustainable)...
You can use Strategic Balance.It means implementing powerful weight loss strategies while including enough of the fun stuff to enjoy the process.(A diet that you won’t hate…what a novel concept!)

Let’s be real, a weight loss plan that includes your favorite meals and drinks is much easier to stick to than one that doesn’t…
So if you like cheeseburgers and whiskey, you need a plan that keeps them on the menu instead of removing them entirely.

And that’s where the Whiskey Weight Loss program comes in!

I created this program to help Whiskey drinkers who don’t feel confident in their appearance, are worried about their health, and need more energy.
The program helps you fit back into your old clothes, keep up with your busy lifestyle, and crush your annual physical...
...all while sipping your favorite barrel-aged beverages.

Alex Shaw is a successful Weight loss coach, published scientist, and Whiskey enthusiast. After completing his own transformation he was inspired to help others. As a coach of 7 years, he has helped hundreds of people feel good in their own skin again.He discovered his love for whiskey while doing a lot of day drinking during the shutdowns of 2020. It was only after talking to other whiskey drinkers that he realized there needed to be a solution for people who wanted to lose weight without giving up whiskey.

See what people are saying...

Here’s a breakdown of how it works…

The Whiskey Weight Loss program...

- Is 100% online
- Has 3 core elements
- Is 12 weeks long

...And it starts with the Flat stomach Nutrition System.

You’ll learn…

  • Which foods are right for you to drop the spare tire around your midsection (without being hungry all the time)…

  • How to budget your nutrition so you can enjoy meals out with friends, date night, and whiskey evenings…

  • And how to build the right habits to make it a lifestyle change and avoid the weight loss yo-yo…

...Next is the Barrel Strength Workout Program.

This tailored exercise regimen will…

  • Build strength & muscle so you feel trim and confident…

  • Boost your metabolism so you burn more Calories while you sleep…

  • And enhance your fitness for round-the-clock energy…

...The final element is the Never Fall Off Accountability Plan.

This might just be the most important part...

  • Learn how to stay motivated, consistent, and disciplined...

  • Be held accountable to a structured plan you know will work…

  • Be celebrated for your wins, both big and small…

Listen, there is a reason that people are not successful when they go it alone.
Weight loss can feel like a lonely journey and it's hard to stay on track.
In the Whiskey Weight Loss Program, you'll become part of an online community full of like-minded individuals to encourage you along the way.Also, you’ll get 1-2-1 coaching to keep you on track and give you the pat on the back or the kick up the butt you need.

Throughout the program, you will have 10 coaching calls where you will get feedback to optimize your nutrition, get guidance on exercise form and technique, and get the support you need to achieve your goals.

  • Call 1: Onboarding and Exercise Intake call

  • Call 2: Nutrition deep dive

  • Call 3: Calorie and macro target setting

  • Call 4: Calorie and macros deep dive

  • Call 5: Phase 2 Workout planning call

  • Call 6: Nutrition Systems check-in

  • Call 7: Mini-review

  • Call 8: Phase 3 Workout planning call

  • Call 9: How to make and break the right habits

  • Call 10: Program review and next steps

There also will be weekly pulse checks where you can raise your hand if you need extra help.It's everything you need to crush your weight loss goals.

How Joe lost 30lbs...

"I feel so much better about myself now"

Once you complete the Whiskey Weight Loss program you’ll be able to…

  • Feel confident knowing EXACTLY what and how much to eat while enjoying every meal.

  • Step into your closet knowing you will LOOK GOOD, whatever you choose.

  • Know this is the LAST TIME you’ll ever have to lose weight.

How Chris got into amazing shape...

"I wish I had done this a year ago"

So what is it worth to look in the mirror and like what you see?

Some people pay $900 a month for weight loss injections. But injections don't help you build healthy habits and may decrease your muscle mass without exercise. And as soon as the shots end, so does the weight loss.Others will pay a personal trainer $800-1200 a month ($75 x 3-4 workouts per week). And that's great for exercise but there is no nutrition guidance or accountability to help you between sessions.You could hire an experienced dietician for a full-day consultation and nutrition plan, which costs around $2000. But there is no workout program to boost your metabolism and no support after your consultation ends.

The lowest cost option is to do nothing. But even that isn't free. It just delays payment.

Eventually, you'll be paying out of pocket for the costs of diabetes, heart attacks, and even cancer.
(did you know overweight and obese people are between 1.5 - 7.0 x more likely to develop cancer?)
And that’s just the money side of things.
It’s hard to put a price on being unable to enjoy your dream vacation or suffering with daily aches and pains
Now the Whiskey Weight Loss program isn’t free. And since it’s a tailored program the investment is variable…
But it's less than every option listed above.

And I get what you might be thinking…

“This sounds great but I’ve never had an online coach before and I don’t know if it’s for me”
I get it. Trying something new can be scary.
And even though getting outside of your comfort zone is necessary to see change, I want you to feel comfortable in your decision-making.

So to make this next step as safe as possible for you I include a 14-day Get-To-Know-You money back guarantee.

Once you sign up to the Whiskey Weight Loss program you have 14-days to make sure it’s a perfect fit.
If for any reason during those 14 days it doesn’t feel like a perfect fit, you can get 100% of your money back.

How Forest got visible ABS

"Wait a minute, where is the rest of you?!"

What happens once I enroll in the program?

As soon as you join we will get you rocking & rolling straight away.
We will create your Whiskey Weight Loss account and schedule your Intake Call.
You will then have a short to-do list (including downloading the Whiskey weight loss app and joining the WWL community).
And to ensure you're 100% ready for the 12 weeks of coaching starts (the next Monday) there is a short onboarding process delivered through the Whiskey Weight Loss app.

“Can I join the Whiskey Weight Loss Progam anytime?”

There is a limited number of spots in the Whiskey Weight Loss program and there is a waitlist to join. When a current client graduates the person at the top of the waitlist is offered a place in the program.
To join the waitlist, fill out the application below and I will personally reach out to you.

This is a lot to digest so here is a quick reminder of everything you get inside the Whiskey Weight Loss Program…

The Flat Stomach Nutrition System

  • Get an individualized nutrition plan so you know exactly the right foods and strategies you need to lose weight without being hungry.

  • Learn how to drop body fat while still enjoying some of your favorite meals and pours.

  • And build the habits and mindset to make a lifestyle change.

The Barrel Strength Workout Program

  • Build muscle so you feel great when you look in the mirror

  • Increase your metabolism, improve your strength, and decrease aches and pains

  • Boost your fitness for round-the-clock energy

The Never Fall Off Accountability Plan

  • Receive true 1-2-1 coaching to maximize your weight loss efforts

  • Get the support you need to stay on track and be held accountable

  • Become part of the Whiskey Weight Loss Community so you can stay motivated

How Michael dropped 31lbs...

"I was 50 and my XL clothes were tight. I had tried multiple times on my own but I didn't have the motivation."


Doesn't drinking whiskey inhibit weight loss?
Yes. Yes it does.
However, drinking whiskey is fun (at least for me and the people I work with). And since weight loss is only sustainable when you enjoy it, we drink alcohol in moderation while losing weight.
How often am I going to have to work out?
Most people in Whiskey Weight Loss workout 3-5 times per week. Workouts can range from 20-60 minutes based on your schedule.
How will I receive my workout plan?
You will receive your tailored exercise program through the Whiskey Weight Loss app. Inside your will find your structured routine with the appropriate exercises, number or sets and reps, and both video and written technique guidance. You will also receive live exercise feedback through your live coaching calls.
Are there supplements required to be purchased as part of the plan?
No. Whiskey Weight Loss does not endorse or work with any supplement companies. I will provide guidance where applicable on which generic supplements may offer benefits for people with certain goals.
How is this different from any other weight loss system?
WWL isn't a diet, it's a complete reset of how you think about food, exercise, and what being healthy means. It's about breaking bad habits, building good habits, and learning sustainable ways to take back your health (while still enjoying whiskey).
What are you going to be able to teach me that I can't find on the internet?
The truth is that everything is available on the internet. That includes a lot of good information and even more bad information. It’s hard to know the good from the bad (and which “good” information is right for you).
WWL delivers the right strategies for you in a way that is easy to understand and implement. It also includes access to me so you can ask questions, be held accountable, and work through specific situations that arise in your journey.
Do I have to attend anything in person?
The Whiskey Weight Loss program is 100% online so you will never need to fit in-person appointments into your schedule. All coaching calls will be conducted over zoom.
Will I have to get a Gym membership or buy exercise equipment?
The program is customized around you and your preferences. It can be created to work with either a public or home gym. We can use existing home gym equipment or I can give recommendations on the best home gym equipment for your budget. There are also workouts for hotel rooms if you're on-the-go while in the program.
What happens once the program ends?
Some people get everything they need from the WWL program and "fly the nest". Others stick around for 1-2-1 continued coaching or professional exercise programming