If you want to:Lose your belly...Get back in shape...And drink WHISKEY along the way...I will PERSONALLY help get you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!"

People enroll in the Whiskey Weight loss program to...

- Get rid of the Dad Bod
- Stop feeling husky and out-of-shape
- Get out of their "fat" clothes
- Have energy to keep up with their kids
- Be confident taking their shirt off by the pool

How Joe lost 30lbs in 90 days

"I feel so much better about myself now"

How Chris got into amazing shape in 90 days

"I wish I had done this a year ago"

How Forest got visible ABS

"Wait a minute, where is the rest of you?!"

How Michael dropped 31lbs in 90 days

"I was 50 and my XL clothes were tight. I had tried multiple times on my own but I didn't have the motivation."

See what people are saying...

If all this program did was help you drop the last few pounds to make you feel happy when you looked in the mirror, would it be worth it?


Do I need to join a gym?
You can if you want to, but you don't have to.
I create your program around your equipment. It can be at-home, at the office gym, the HOA gym or a normal gym. I even have workouts for hotel rooms.Can I do this from anywhere in the US?
Do I need to buy meals from you?
No, WWL does not sell pre-packaged meals. I help tailor your nutrition strategy so you can eat the foods you enjoy, not get cravings, and lose weight.
Is this a FAD diet?
At WWL we teach lifestyle changes. The skills you learn during this program will serve you for decades to come.
Will I be supported?
You will have ongoing coaching support (both calls and messaging), a customized weekly accountability calendar, and you will also become part of the WWL family. You will be able to share your journey with other whiskey drinkers looking to improve themselves.
I've never really worked out before, will this work for me?
Yes! The program is accessible for all fitness levels and is tailored to your body type and skill level,